Gift Guide 2016

Shopping sucks. We get it. So, we decided to put together a handy reference for what to get all the various people in your life. Who doesn’t love US PALM gear? No one. That’s the correct answer.   Quick links if you’re looking for someone specific:           They pick up every…READ MORE

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Throw Over Holster Instruction and Configuration Manual
Throw Over Holster Cover

Our US PALM Throw Over Holster is an easy to use piece of gear that requires a little bit of assembly to get it properly set up. Here’s the how-to on getting it setup for your pistol! Click on the images below to enlarge, or can click here to download the manual in PDF format.…READ MORE

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Flashlight selection begins with understanding light

Electronics have steadily crept into nearly every activity humans do. And even as we get outside and spend time in nature, we find ourselves depending on more and more items that require batteries. When the sun sets, one of the most critical pieces of electronic equipment is the flashlight. Due to some major advances in…READ MORE

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Fitting and maintaining your body armor

Body armor is much like an airbag or a pistol carried for self-defense. You hope you never have to use it for the intended purpose but just knowing it’s there adds extra peace of mind and security whether you’re an officer wearing a vest day-to-day or preparing your family for potential worst case scenarios. We spend…READ MORE

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Back Country Camping Doesn’t Mean Back Woods Food!
biscuit cover image

On a recent camping trip, we made fresh-baked backcountry biscuits for breakfast. After mentioning this on Instagram, it became apparent that both the method and recipe is little known, or at a minimum, not readily available. Anyone who regularly goes into the bush for any length of time knows that most camping food leaves a…READ MORE

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CWL Pic from Winter 2015/16
Camp Mau
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Winter 2015/16 Pic’s
Ray-Ray, Greg, and the Mau after a long shoot.
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What’s in your SBR? Setting yourself up for the win

There are fewer murkier waters in shooting than trying to understand and rationalize the balance between the three areas of ballistics: internal, external, and terminal. No single discipline stands on its own or is more important than the other two. Just like the triad in applied gunfighting –speed, power, and accuracy—change one, and you change…READ MORE

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How to fit a Cynology War Labs Half Vest

The Cynology War Labs Half Vest is a versatile harness with a number of features inspired by the long distance and load bearing needs of a Search and Rescue dog. The Half Vest offers MOLLE fields along both sides for QRF or your favorite MOLLE pouches. A large Velcro field across the top with an elastic…READ MORE

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A Year In The Elements

 Words and Images by: US PALM Staff One of our favorite misused Operator Buzzwords would have to be “Battle Field Pick-Up.” You know, the whole concept of walking along during the post-event and finding a dropped and apparently usable item of interest. We decided to pit our AK30 magazines against a few other well known…READ MORE

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