Cynology War Labs K9 Trauma Kit



The Cynology War Labs K9 Trauma Kit (K9TK) was designed from the ground up to support the real world needs for military and police working dogs. While no one wants to think about their dog sustaining a life threatening injury, being prepared with proper items goes a long way to maintaining your piece of mind.

We offer this kit to all dog handlers as your first line of treatment in case of any potentially life threatening trauma your K9 partner may encounter. Specifically designed for humans –so if you end up being the one needing aid these items are still applicable—the K9TK includes QuikClot Gauze, a TK-4 Tourniquet, and a Trauma Dressing/Pressure Bandage.

The pouch is secured to any loop-side Velcro, as found on our collars, quarter and half vests. The light weight of the K9TK (4.8 ounces) will not inhibit your dogs ability to work or play as normal. When attached to your CWL collar, your dog will be carrying his or her own medical supplies in a rapidly accessible manner.

We have found that the best location for a collar mounted K9TK is 90˚ from the buckles and on the opposite side that you stand on while walking your dog on a heel.

The CWL K9TK is available as a complete kit with the pouch and all 3 medical components vacuum sealed, or as a stand-alone pouch to fill with your own contents. The medical components of the K9TK are also available without the pouch to refill your kit in the event it gets used.

  • Includes:
    • QuikClot Gauze
    • TK-4 Tourniquet
    • Trauma Dressing/Pressure Bandage
  • Weight:
    • CWL K9TK (Full kit): 4.8 ounces
    • CWL K9TK (Pouch only): 1.3 ounces
    • CWL K9TK (Vacuum sealed medical components): 3.5 ounces
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam, ATACS-AU
  • Entire kit is made in the USA