Gryphon EDC 3



Now in its 3rd Generation, the Gryphon EDC 3 is better than ever.

Imagine a sleek military parachute container being repurposed to accommodate your Every Day Carry needs.

In short, Form Fitting is what defines the Gryphon.  Most striking are the integral shoulder straps, which hug the packs body tightly against your sides.  Motorcycle riders have commented on the form fitting qualities and load stability of the Gryphon EDC.  The shoulder straps feature an underlining composed of Hypalon (for grip) for those who like one-strap carry.  The large main compartment has the quality of seemingly always being able to take “one more item”; the bags total volume sit right around 1,850 in3.

Inside the main compartment are (2) zippered side pockets, which are perfect for power cords, or less needed EDC items such as gloves or similar sized items. It also has a hanger for a hydration bladder, which you can route the drink tube inside of the shoulder straps and exit from the button hole located on either strap end.  Additional features include a padded valuables pocket, and a smaller utility compartment which accommodates our hanging mesh pouches or hanging admin organizer.  The signature half-moon padded zippered pocket can hold pistols up to a Glock 17 in size. The armor pocket is accessed from the padded back side, and can be used to store maps and other flat, flexible items.

The Gryphon EDC is constructed of 500d Cordura nylon, and utilizes made in the USA hardware and materials. Made in the USA.

  • Main Compartment
  • Admin Compartment
  • EDC Pocket
  • Multi-Function Pocket
  • Internal Sidewall Access Pockets
  • Back Panel Access
  • Hydration compatible
  • Spacer Mesh for breathability and comfort
  • Made in the US
  • Materials: 500d Cordura Nylon
  • Colors: Black (Additional color options returning at a future date)
  • Volume: Main Compartment: 25L (1,550 in^3) / Total Pack: Approx. 30L (1,850 in^3)
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (41.6 oz) without armor / 4.1 lbs (65.9 oz)  with XL IIIA Soft Armor Panel
  • Threat Level Protection when armor added: Tested to NIJ-06 IIIA Standard
  • MSRP: $295

Download PDF here: GryphonEDC3_Datasheet

The Gryphon EDC is a sleek, comprehensive pack suitable for a variety of uses and environments. Rich with features not found on most other packs, this datasheet may help you learn about everything your Gryphon has to offer, and assist in configuring your Gryphon to get the most out of it.

The Gryphon EDC has 5 external zippers to various compartments and pockets. Most obviously, the Main Compartment, the Admin Compartment, and the EDC Pocket. At the top of the pack near the carry handle, there is a padded Multi-Function Pocket (MFP). Finally, on the left edge of the padded back face of the pack is the Back Panel Access (BPA).

Both the Main Compartment and the Admin Compartment have Velcro loop lined interior faces, to facilitate a variety of mounting options. Many smaller accessories, pouches and pockets are available with hook backing to allow mounting in these compartments. (Additionally, self-adhesive Velcro hook can be applied to any number of items to allow them to simply be parked on the loop surface, much in the way that astronauts do aboard the International Space Station).

Inside the Admin Compartment there are a pair of Looplocs to hang one of our Single Mesh Pouches from, as well as a cord loop in the top center for hanging items or lashing a dummy-corded item.

Inside the Main Compartment is a hydration bladder hanger. The hydration system’s hose can be routed up through either of the shoulder straps and fed through the Reinforced Access Points (RAP) near the sternum straps. Two more Looplocs are found at the front edge of this compartment, ideal for hanging either our single or Double Mesh Pouches.

On each of the interior walls of the Main Compartment is a Internal Sidewall Access Pocket (ISAP). These pockets run the entire vertical length of the side panel of the Gryphon. Due to the shape and location of these pockets, they become a structural element as they are filled with gear. The top edge of these pockets includes another set of RAPs, allowing comms or other electronics to be routed to the shoulder straps and exiting through the front RAPs.

The EDC Pocket, located on the front of the pack towards the base, is a padded, semicircular clamshell pocket that allows quick access to contents. A cord loop secures any dummy-corded item.

The Multi-Function Pocket, or MFP, has a secret function built in. Items can be covertly hidden in the bottom half this pocket, and then secured by folding the pocket in half and mating the hook and loop surfaces. Once the contents are folded into this pocket, they go unnoticed until the pocket is returned to it’s unfolded state. Perfect for emergency cash or documents. Hard to discover, easy to access.

The Back Panel Access gives the pack a very large, flat compartment that is perfect for maps, or other documents and paperwork, light clothing like a windbreaker or rain gear, as well as soft armor panels.

External features include an oversized, reinforced carry handle located at the top, and 4 Military Jump Loops on the double-walled bottom. Shoulder straps are Hypalon lined for a secure grip. External sidewalls have MOLLE for mounting various pouches such as US PALM QRF Pouches or other universal accessories. G-Hook side compression straps help stabilize a load. A 4”x4.5” loop panel on the exterior allows mounting various hook backed patches, as well as a 6”x1” loop panel under the carry handle, ideal for a ID name tape.

The Gryphon EDC is 100% made in the USA. We hope it provides you with valuable utility for many years to come.


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