Urban Havoc™ Bag

The Urban Havoc System is sold à la carte so that users can create their own configuration based on specific needs.

Urban Havoc was developed as a collaboration between US PALM and Low Pro Gear.


Special Operations requires Special Equipment. No one questions that. But when US PALM was approached by the 1% of the 1% of the SpecOps community to address a “specific need”, we had no idea that 18 months later we would be in the low-profile gear business. After all, it looks remarkably unremarkable. How hard can that be to accomplish?

US PALM was founded on the tenet that if we can’t do it better, we don’t do it. Meaning we don’t do “me too” gear or designs. We also have very good relationships with all of the right people. Thus, we have partnered with LowProGear to bring to market a system of bags, cases, wearables, accessories and other items that have been designed, field tested, deployed locally then globally, tried and proven, by America’s finest.

We’re openly stating upfront that these items are not designed for, nor necessarily appropriate to be deployed by, the average shooter or hobbyist. These are professional tools for professional soldiers, officers, warriors, operatives, and other end-users directly involved in active shooter events and clandestine operations. So yes, it appears to be “just a bag”, but that was the goal. It’s actually a very intentional design, and utilizes a Patent Pending set of features that are purpose built and being used by those engaged in: EP, PMC Details, Street Gang Units, UC Operations, Surveillance Units, Diplomatic Protection Details, and those unnamed teams who roll-up targeted foreign nationals and feed them heaping servings from the Freedom Buffet known as ‘Merica.

We have a long standing working relationship with many overt and covert OGA’s, and our new line of gear reflects what the current field operatives have asked for; gear to better allow them to conduct their sensitive missions without failure.

We’ve taken a top-to-bottom fresh approach to the Urban Havoc’s design, with such elements as:
• Standard and readily available hardware
• Non-Mil style strap terminations
• No Morale Patch fields
• No badging of any kind [units are sterile of tags or branding]
• Non-traditional use of materials
• Mil-Spec build quality, without mil-spec appearance
• Purpose built to exacting mission requirements
• 100% Made in the USA, with domestic materials

Now for some specifics: Urban Havoc is a low profile shoulder bag that was created to enable field operatives to better fulfill their missions by providing a no-compromise solution to effectively support shoulder fired weapons, handguns, and other mission specific items in a non-obvious manner. Rapidly adaptable from being casually carried on the single shoulder strap, to being immediately anchored to the user by way of a waist belt hidden in the rear-mounted Hypalon Tunnel. The hook & loop secured top flap was designed to fully tear-away to give the user completely unhindered access to the Outboard Primary Compartment. This compartment, lined on both walls with loop to secure mag pouches, was engineered to flare outward, allowing faster access to the contents, while additionally becoming a dump-pouch. The larger Inboard Secondary Compartment, secured with oversized zippers, is also fully lined with loop, ready to receive Medical Packs, Radio Pouches, or whatever other payloads the mission dictates. Adjustable side-anchor straps keep the Inboard Secondary Compartment from unintentionally opening 180° during deployment.

If you truly need to go Gray, or you’re a member of the 1% of the 1%, then you already know what you’re looking at. If you have a million questions and only see a “Man Purse,” well, then we really can’t help you.

  • Low Profile External Appearance
  • Waist Belt deployed from rear-mounted Hypalon Tunnel
  • Ballistic Nylon Top Flap tears away for unhindered compartment access
  • Both Outboard Primary Compartment and Inboard Secondary Compartment fully loop lined for payload modularity
  • Hypalon-Lined Shoulder Strap
  • Materials: Ballistic Nylon, 500D Cordura, industrial Hook & Loop Velcro, and Hypalon
  • Color: Black
  • External Dimensions: 16.5” x 10.5” x 5.5”
  • Weight 1.9 Pounds
  • Made in the USA with US materials
  • MSRP: $400


*Accessories not included. Pouches sold separately.